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CGI Web Proxies

  • Anonymouse - Surf the web and browse all your favourite websites with Anonymous.
  • Shadow Surf - ShadowSurf Free Anonymizing Proxy for anonymous surfing helps maintain your privacy online.
  • TnT Proxy - Free Webbased (CGI) Proxy / Anonymizer
    Pimp Proxy - allows you to surf the web while being 100% anonymous. No tracking cookies, spyware or tracks. allows you to bypass filters placed by your school or work. Get to the sites you want - with!
  • College Proxy - Surf the net anonymously from college work or just from home.
  • Site Unlocker - Siteunlocker is a free web proxy that allows you to surf the web secretly and safely. You can also use Siteunlocker to bypass web-filters at school or work!
  • Access Blocked Sites - Access blocked sites, browse anonymously from school or work
  • Proxy Dream - Surf anonimously and securely to your MySpace, your Hotmail, or to Digg without leaving any track on your job's or work's network! And you cannot be being monitored either.
  • A Plus Proxy - collects 1000s working myspace proxies.
  • - CGI Proxy allows you to surf the world wide web safely and anonymously, as well as access all your favourite websites when at school or work.
  • Proxies R Us - By using our Unblocking Proxy before you know you'll browse all your favourite websites,like MySpace, eBay, Xanga, and be able to check your private e-mail, or have a look on YouTube! Any site you want to visit is in your reach now.
  • Proxy Doll - Proxy Doll is a screaming fast proxy. Hosted on a dedicated server ready to serve your browsing needs.
  • CTunnel - C Tunnel offers fast and powerful CGI web proxy. Get through many filters using on the https version.
  • Poly Solve - Use PolySolve to get advanced CGI proxy functions and access to AIM, MSN and Yahoo Instant messengers.
  • B Tunnel - B Tunnel lets you surf securely and quickly on our free CGI proxy. Get past many web blocks using the https version.
  • V Tunnel - V Tunnel offers a secure and powerful CGI based proxy. Get past many filters using the https version.
  • Myspace School Unblock - Unblock Myspace From School!
  • Beat Filtering - Beat Filtering gives you advanced CGI proxy functions and lets you use AIM, MSN and Yahoo Instant messengers while secure & anonymous.

    Censorship in Schools

    Many schools have policies of restricting website access on their network. Most of them have explicit content / rich media that consumes large amount of bandwidth. Some schools even restrict access to social media sites and oneclick filehosters like mediafire/rapidhsare/depositefiles, esp., sites / networks that might land them in trouble if you use such sites. Using webproxies can shield them as the responsibility shifts from them to the web proxies.

    The Tor Network

    Apart from Public proxy servers, web proxy servers and VPN's there is an opensource project called the TOR network for protecting you privacy. Tor network tunnels your internet traffic through chain of nodes. When you use the tor network you ip is not known to the target webserver. But researchers have found way to unwind these hidden ips if you use bittorent clients on the network. So if you use tor for only http / web browsing you ip and privacy are protected to a graeat deal. Tor encrypts all the traffic from your computer till the exit node. All of your traffic seems to originate from the exit node hence making it hard for traffic analyzers and censors to track you ip address.

    Censorship In Countries

    Like in U.S.A / Europe, anonymity is not always gauaranteed by law. In some countries like China, Burma and Korea, all citizens are exntensively monitored and internet freedom is next to nil. Almost all middle east countries apply some sort of censorship like banning ips / website domains. This type of censorship is quite common. You can use web proxies to beat such censorship.


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